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Bringing MRI to neonatal patients.

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MRI small enough for
the NICU; 
designed to meet the needs of the smallest patients.

MRI provides an unparalleled ability to visualize anatomy without the hazards of ionizing radiation. Yet premature and sick babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) are usually too delicate to leave the unit.


The few babies who receive MRI today must be accompanied by NICU staff during transport to and from the Radiology Department. This process is often a multi-hour ordeal and reduces the staff available to care for other babies in the NICU.

Small. Powerful. Impactful.


eyas: [ahy-us]

A young hawk or falcon in the nest.

Hawks are known to have vision up to 8 times more acute than humans. This makes their sharp eyesight perfectly adapted at locating even the smallest object with laser-like precision. 

Precision imaging designed with newborns in mind, is why Eyas is the perfect name.

​A little bit about us:

  • We are an experienced team of MR scientists, engineers, and medical device professionals committed to bringing the best of MRI to babies where and when they need it.  

  • We've been working hard. Exciting things are happening. Keep your eyes on us.  Eyas is getting ready to take flight!

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