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Eyas Medical Imaging is an experienced team of MR scientists, engineers, and medical device professionals committed to bringing the best of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to babies where and when they need it.


Current Roles Available

Posted: January 25, 2024

Procurement Manager

The role leads the entire purchasing and planning workflow including requisition, purchasing, receiving, invoicing, and paying for goods and services. It is in a start-up environment and will allow the individual to build a team and processes as the business scales after FDA clearance and moves into commercialization.

Posted: January 25, 2024

Medical Device Project Manager

The role serves the organization by having the overall responsibility and accountability for end-to-end planning, multi-functional coordination, and execution of all Eyas Medical Imaging projects. Responsibilities include (but not limited to): design control, validation/verification, and regulatory submission planning; pre-commercialization support; installation and service project planning; and new product/product change management planning.

Posted: January 25, 2024

Facilities Manager

The role serves the organization by ensuring smooth-running business operations and activities. It is responsible for a wide-range of tasks related to operations management, logistics, maintenance, and security. This role is integral to the success of the organization as it supports the Company’s purchasing, receiving, inventory management, quality, shipping and facility related tasks.

For more information or to apply for a role, please send your CV or link to LinkedIn to

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